Congressman Wants Biden Drug Tested Before Debate

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) suspects the White House is going to have President Biden jacked up on a combination of “performance enhancing drugs” on the night of the first presidential debate and he wants the president tested. Listen to the full interview above.

Jackson, who served as a White House physician dating back to the George W. Bush administration, said on The Todd Starnes Show that he sent a letter to Biden’s physician expressing grave concerns about the president’s cognitive skills.

“President Biden, throughout your presidency, over one hundred Members of Congress have called on you on five separate occasions to submit to a cognitive exam, however each of those requests have been ignored by you and your physician Dr. O’Connor,” Jackson wrote. “President Donald J. Trump set a precedent during his presidency to document and demonstrate the sound mental abilities necessary to fulfill the duties of the Office of the President.”

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“Unfortunately, President Biden, your refusal to submit to a cognitive exam, and Dr. O’Connor, your unwillingness to address the American people regarding the President’s true mental and physical fitness for duty, has created a condition of great concern for our country as Americans watch the continued decline in our president’s cognitive performance.”

Jackson said he was especially concerned about Biden’s State of the Union Address and said the president was “definitely medicated with something.”

“This drug test should be administered both immediately before and after the debate and should include, but not be limited to, performance enhancing drugs,” Jackson wrote.

“American citizens must have absolute confidence in their President’s ability to perform his or her duties as Head of State and Commander in Chief, and the debate performance absolutely should be indicative of an individual’s ability to perform these critical duties free of any performance enhancing drugs or mood-altering medications,” the letter said.

Jackson told Starnes that he suspects doctors are experimenting with multiple drugs during Biden’s seven-day stay at Camp David.

“I think they’re probably experimenting with some of this stuff, trying to get the dose just right,” he said. “I don’t know what they’re giving him. Obviously, people ask me all the time, I’m not sure. You know, there’s a variety of things out there. There’s stuff that can help with your cognition. There’s things that make you more awake. There’s things that take the agitated edge off of what we see with him sometimes. So I would imagine it’s a cocktail, that they’re trying to get just right in. It’s going to be a lot of. Is it more of an art than a science? I would think, you know, because some of these have different times of onset and different durations and they interact with each other. So we’ll see what happens. But, I’m concerned that he’s going to have some performance enhancing drugs on board.”

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Do you believe Biden is mentally capable of being president?

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