Disaster Declarations Issued After Thousands of COVID-Positive Illegals Dumped in Texas Border Cities

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Border cities across Texas are issuing disaster declarations in order to cope with a massive invasion of illegal aliens – many of whom may have the China Virus.

 “U.S. Customs and Border Protection is releasing an alarmingly substantial number of immigrants into the City of McAllen,” states a declaration from Hildago County Judge Richard Cortez.

At least 7,000 illegals who tested positive for the virus were released in McAllen, journalist Bill Melugin wrote on Twitter.

“Over 1,500 new infected migrants in just the ‘last week alone,'” he reported.


Melugin said he personally watched Border Patrol “drop off bus loads of migrants in downtown McAllen all day long.”

“Hundreds released in front of us,” he wrote on Twitter.

City leaders called the influx of illegals historic.

“The current immigration surge began in 2014 under the Obama administration and has continued for seven years to the present surge the community is now experiencing. So far in 2021, McAllen has seen well over 87,000 immigrants pass through its city limits,” read a statement from the city.

Both Cortez and McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos said they have not heard “a single word” from the federal government.