Door Dash Drivers Boycott Greek Diner for Flying Israeli Flag

Door Dash delivery drivers are boycotting a Greek diner in Long Island, New York because the owner is flying an Israeli flag and he posted photos of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas.

Peter Tsadilas, the owner of the Golden Globe Diner in Huntington, was a guest on the Todd Starnes Show on Newsmax. He said he began displaying Israeli flags and posters as a way to show his support for friends who are Jewish.

“I’m not Jewish, but my father-in-law is Jewish. My partner is Jewish. My best friend is Jewish,” he said. “You know, it’s the humane thing to do. And, we want to find these people and bring them back. It’s not my family, but if it were, I would want people to speak up about it.”

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Tsadlias, who is Greek, said that several of his staff have quit as a result of his pro-Israel position. And a number of Door Dash drivers refused to deliver food from his restaurant.

“A lot of the drivers are from the Middle East and they expressed concerns when they saw the flags outside,” he said. “They told me they refused to pick up my orders.”

In spite of the backlash, business has been booming. A number of local Jewish families learned of his support and they showed up for lunch and dinner.

Here how one customer described the impact Tsadlias has had on the community:

My wife and I met the humble owner and he expressed that he is doing what he feels is right. When he first put up his signs and posters, he lost business and some employees, but now his restaurant is packed. The employees are wonderful and warm and the food is fantastic. I encourage you to show this man support. Hopefully he will become a beacon for other business owners and community members who are afraid to speak out!


“It’s remarkable. It’s humbling,” he said on Newsmax. “I would have never though this would happen.”

He even had a new sign created that reads, “Greek Diners Stand With Israel.”

“We’re looking forward to the Israeli flags flying high,” he added.

As for the critics?

“The hostage posters will stay up there regardless of who complains about them — until they are all returned safely to their families,” he said.

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