FREE TURKEY AND AR-15: Roofing Company’s Thanksgiving Special Ruffles Feathers

A Florida roofing company drew fire from leftists over its Thanksgiving special: buy a roof and get a free turkey and AR-15.

Roof EZ, based in Cape Coral is a company that loves God and Country and our military. And they also want to make sure folks are well-fed and protected during the holiday season.

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“Everybody needs an AR-15,” president Jason Polly told television station WINK. “Every homeowner needs to have an AR-15 to protect their family, and everybody thinks it stands for assault rifle. It doesn’t. It’s [an] Armalite rifle, so I know we’re gonna get some kickback on, ‘Hey, you’re giving away AR-15 guns?’ Well, we’d like to promote gun safety for your entire family.”

The original post reportedly garnered many shares but was taken down sometime since Tuesday when local news outlets began picking up on the story. Others reported the post to social media police.

For the record, anyone who takes advantage of the deal has to abide by the same rules and regulations as someone purchasing a gun at a gun store.

“You got to get a background check. You can’t have any felonies,” Polly said. “Once you pass your background check, you can pick it up in three days.”

“The turkey will get you all sitting at the table, so you can spend time together. The roof will protect your home and the AR-15 will protect your family,” he added.

Patti Brigham, president of Gun Violence Florida, told the television station that Roof EZ was “adding to a culture of gun violence.”

“Why would a business want to give away AR-15s? To those getting a new roof? What is the purpose of that? It is a destructive thing to do. That business is just adding to a culture of gun violence. The AR-15 is the choice of mass shooters,” the anti-gun nut told the television station.

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