Gang of Thugs Brutally Carjack, Run Over Elderly Man

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The city of Baltimore is under siege by carjackers — leaving behind a trail of dead motorists and badly injured residents. The Baltimore Sun reports carjackings are up 132 percent this year compared to last.

The most recent attack involved Jim Willinghan, a 69 year old man – who was attacked by six teenage thugs.

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Mr. Willinghan was thrown from his car and savagely beaten. At some point one of the carjackers got behind the steering wheel and ran over the badly injured man.

“I just don’t understand the reasoning,” wife Barbara Willinghan told television station WMAR.  “I mean my husband complied. Why would you want to beat the poor man half to death. The detective said he’s lucky to be alive.”


Mr. Willinghan survived and faces at least six months of rehab for among other things – a broken pelvis.

At least four of his attackers have been arrested.

“They’re violent offenders, even though they’re juveniles, and they needed to be caught and taken off the streets,” said police spokesperson Jennifer Peach told television station WJZ.

Many citizens are wondering why the attackers are not facing hate crime charges. The alleged carjackers are black, the victim is white.

Why is the Mainstream Media not broadcasting from the streets of Baltimore? Where is Don Lemon– weeping over the dead and broken bodies of the carjackers? Where are Anderson Cooper and Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow — consoling the families — where are they?

I’m going to answer that question for you.

It’s because in the mind of the Mainstream Media — some lives do not matter. All men are not equal under the law.

Had a gang of white teenagers beaten an elderly black man — had they tossed that man into the street and run over him with a car — you can imagine the wall-to-wall news coverage.


As it now stands — Baltimore is a dangerous war zone. Citizens would be well advised to take measures to protect themselves and their families.

There are predators on the streets of Baltimore — and you are being hunted.

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