GOP Prepares to Abandon Culture War Fight, Dump Human Life Amendment

Republicans are bracing for what could be an explosive debate over the party platform. Sources tell me that party leaders want to soften language about abortion and traditional marriage. Conservatives have been pushing back and warn that any changes to the pro-life platform could lead to disaster in November.  Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

Family Research Council Action released the results of a new survey show that 62 percent of Republican voters say the party’s strong positions on the unborn, strengthening the family and religious freedom would impact their vote this fall.

Additionally, the survey found 62 percent of GOP voters say the party’s strong positions on unborn human life, strengthening the family, and religious freedom would impact their vote in the fall. On the issues of strengthening families and religious freedom, 74 percent want to see the party keep (23%) or strengthen (51%) the party’s position.

Yet populists and moderates within the party say loosening language on those issues could improve their efforts to grow the party.

That seems in stark contrast to Ronald Reagan’s position: a banner of bold unmistakable colors with no pastels – would reveal the difference between the Republicans and the other party.

“America is an unprecedented place of moral and cultural confusion and is in dire need of leadership and moral clarity,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “The Republican Party must once again communicate a clear and hopeful contrast between the parties by painting a message for voters on the foundational issues–life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–not in pale pastels but in bright, bold colors.”

Even more alarming – for the first time in decades – Republican leadership has banned all media coverage – including C-SPAN. Members are not even allowed to bring cell phones into the room. They don’t want anyone to see what happens behind closed doors.

Perkins, who serves on the Platform Committee, fired off a letter to RNC Chairman Michael Whatley urging him to reconsider. Watch my Newsmax interview with Perkins above.

“Based on the limited communications delegates have received, it appears that neither guests nor the press will be allowed to observe the platform committee or subcommittee discussions of the Party’s principles and policy priorities,” Perkins wrote. “The Party’s platforms have provided guidance not just to presidents and Congresses but also to state legislatures, school boards, county commissioners, and, just as importantly – voters.”

The RNC Gag Rule heightens speculation that the GOP platform will be watered down to a few pages of meaningless, poll-tested talking points. This contrasts sharply with Ronald Reagan’s call for a party platform, “a banner of bold, unmistakable colors with no pale pastels,” challenging the nation with a clear vision for the future.

These bold principles on life, family, and freedom have served the GOP well for over a half- century, starkly contrasting with the other Party and attracting many God-fearing Americans to the GOP.

There is great concern that the foundational efforts of patriots like Phyllis Schlafly and countless others who have built the Republican Party into a majority, pro-life, pro-family, pro-ordered liberty party will be undermined by these unprecedented changes in the process.

Tony Perkins

Now earlier this week Whatley was a guest on my national radio show. He confirmed that all the proceedings will happen in secret. He denied there was any sort of gag rule in place. Whatley declined numerous times to say if there were be any changes to the pro-life plank.

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