Hannity & Sorbo Make Hollywood’s Newest Faith-based Film Shine Bright

By Staff

Hollywood’s newest faith-based film, “Let There Be Light” is already garnering great reviews and eliciting laughter and tears from movie-goers.

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity partnered with actor Kevin Sorbo to produce his first movie, billed as more than a Christian film, but really a film made on faith, made by faith.

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The film follows Sol (Sorbo), an atheist living in New York City who makes his living off bashing God, but after turning to alcohol for a solace and getting in a car accident, he is confronted by the experience he had before he came to in a hospital bed, leaving him with four words he can’t shake: let there be light.

“The movie has a powerful message and it’s delivered in a contemporary, powerful way,” Hannity said on his show. “This story has so many twists and turns, it’s a roller-coaster! Joyful, tearful, but ultimately, hopeful… Let there be light, indeed!”

Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes called the project “a compelling, must-see film about the redemptive power of God’s amazing grace.”

Even the backstory behind how the film came to be has God’s hand on it. Kevin Sorbo’s wife, Sam, came up with the idea for the film, but when she first pitched it, she was initially turned down.

Then she had a lunch with the Dan Gordon, an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter (Highway to Heaven, Passenger 57, Wyatt Earp, The Hurricane), and he instantly fell in love with the idea.

Two weeks later, Hannity called Sorbo and told him he wanted to work on a faith-based film. It all came together just like that.

“No wonder everyone is talking about Let There Be Light,” Governor Mike Huckabee said. “I loved it! Touching and engaging from beginning to end. This movie is a giant step forward for the faith-based genre.”

“What a powerful movie!” Reverend Franklin Graham said. “An emotional roller coaster ride with one of the most compelling presentations of the Gospel that I have seen on film. Definitely a must-see.”

“In a world where so many people are suffering, movies like this are the encouragement that we all need to face difficult times with strength, offering forgiveness and hope when it’s needed most,” said Jerry Falwell, Jr.

“Let There Be Light” is in theaters Friday, October 27. You can find out more here.


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