HUCKABEE: Disney Becoming ‘Gayest Place on Earth’

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee rebuked Disney executives who have promised to fight against a new Florida law that would ban teachers from educating kindergarten-third graders about sex.

“I don’t think we need to be teaching four and five-year-olds the difference between the cowboy position and the missionary position,” Huckabee said during an interview on The Todd Starnes Show. “I mean, I just don’t think that that’s where four and five year olds need to be instructed. So this is not about a particular lifestyle. This is simply about the greater issue of whether sexuality and the teaching of it belongs in the mind of a four or five-year-old.”

Following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Huckabee. Click here for the full interview.

HUCKABEE: [01:01:44] Well, Todd, you and I, we’re just not woke enough. I mean, we kind of grew up in the time when boys were boys and girls were girls, and we knew the difference and we kind of liked the difference. And now we’re not supposed to know the difference. And if we do know the difference, we’re supposed to keep shut up about it. So it’s very confusing, but I’m going to just stick with the old biblical model, male and female. He created them and kind of figure out that maybe that’s where we should stay.

Will you boycott Disney?

TODD: [01:02:12] You know, it seems like a pretty straightforward approach. I’m with you on that. Meanwhile, governor, you’ve got Bob Chapek, who is the chief executive officer over at Disney, and he is now pledging, I mean, they are going to become fierce allies with the with the LGBT movement. And I guess ultimately this is up to moms and dads. You know, they have to make a decision. Do they want their kids to be, you know, to be exposed to this kind of stuff?

HUCKABEE: [01:02:40] Well, the tragedy is that for most of our lives, the Disney brand was trustworthy and it was the one place where a parent could say, OK, you can watch that movie. It’s a Disney movie. It’ll be OK. It’s not like that anymore. And it used to be that you could take your kids to Disney World or Disneyland because it was the happiest place on Earth. They’re determined to make it the gayest place on Earth. And look, I don’t care if someone wants to be gay, that’s their business. It’s none of mine. But when you try to create this atmosphere and you’re more interested in pushing an agenda for cartoon characters, Todd, help me out here. But does anybody I don’t care whether they’re heterosexual or homosexual? Do they really care about the sexual identity or the sexual proclivities of a cartoon character? What am I missing?


TODD: [01:03:33] It’s a fair question, governor, and it’s one that I mean, I you know, I remember as a kid, you just never really thought about things in that light. Now you have people who to judge the transportation secretary. Just wait. And he was on the view. And he says that that the the let me read this to you, people. A judge agrees that Florida’s anti-gay grooming law will kill kids.

HUCKABEE: [01:04:00] So what will kill kids? I’m not sure how that’s going to happen because the law only says that children four or five years old up to age eight cannot be given instruction in sexual behavior. Now, you know, I’m kind of encouraged that there are a number of LGBTQ people, activists who have come out and said, Look, there’s nothing in the Florida law that is really offensive because even as gay people, we don’t want to absolutely talk to kids that age. And interestingly, Todd, a majority, a pretty significant majority of Democrats in Florida support that bill. I don’t know why anybody who is a parent or grandparent or just somebody, maybe they don’t have any kids, but they have common sense and they say, you know, there’s some things that maybe it’s not great for kids to be able to talk about when they’re four and five years old, after all. Is it really necessary that they learn about transgender ism before they can even identify what color the crayon is? Are the numbers up to 10? Are a few letters of the alphabet? Aren’t some of those things really more important for a preschooler than to say, Hey, mom, I know what else GDP to acquire means? I’m just not convinced that anybody in his or her right mind really believe that that’s the priority for education for four and five year old kids.


TODD: [01:05:28] Where do you draw the line on all of this? I mean, it keeps getting moved and I hear what you say, and you’re right, there are groups like the log cabin Republicans out there and they’re defending Gov. DeSantis. But the other side will come back and say to the log cabin Republicans, Well, who are you to say that my lifestyle is wrong? Where do you draw that line?

HUCKABEE: [01:05:50] It’s not even about saying the lifestyle is wrong, it’s about whether or not you should teach about that lifestyle. I say to a kid who’s four or five years old. Now here’s the point there’s nothing in that law that says, don’t say gay. So the liars, the absolute outright liars are the people who are using this to drive a wedge. Here’s what ought to happen, in my view. Parents, grandparents and consumers of entertainment should rise up and say, Disney if this is the direction you’re going, then to put it in the famous vernacular of getting fired. We’re going to go a different direction, and what we need to do is to quit acting like this is OK. It is not OK. Stand up. Speak up. Push back and say We’re done. We’ll find entertainment for our children in other in other venues. And when they lose enough money and lose enough employees, because a lot of the Disney employees are upset about this, they’re sensible enough to realize how dumb this is. Then maybe these corporations will decide that their job is not to try to please the extremely small minority of the lunatic left. Their job is to entertain children and families. Stick to your job. You know, I’m not trying to fly the Space X spacecraft today for a simple reason. I don’t know anything about it, so I’m not going to try. So why is it that Disney is trying to instruct mothers and fathers in what their children ought to be learning when they’re four and five years old at their public government funded schools? That’s what the issue is about. Let’s not let the left create an issue that doesn’t even exist. Keep the issue where it is. And the issue is, should government taxpayer funded schools be telling four and five year old kids anything about the mechanics of sexuality or the identity of sexuality and gender? Shouldn’t that be left to moms and dads and let the teachers in the schools help the kids separate the difference between what colors, what numbers and what letters in the alphabet, and start preparing them to learn how to read?

TODD: [01:07:58] And I think the way you just described that governor is is brilliant because again, people want to try to make this about, you know, LGBTIQ is really not because they’re also teaching heterosexual sex. So it’s this is overarching.

HUCKABEE: [01:08:13] Yeah, I don’t think we need to be teaching four and five-year-olds the difference between the cowboy position and the missionary position. I mean, I just don’t think that that’s where four and five year olds need to be instructed. So this is not about a particular lifestyle. This is simply about the greater issue of whether sexuality and the teaching of it belongs in the mind of a four or five-year-old. And whether Disney really does want to create, as their executive said on video, where that at least half of all their cartoon characters are LGBTQIA and I’m thinking, really? Is that what’s important to a child being entertained? I really don’t think so.

TODD: [01:08:57] You’ll appreciate this, governor. There was a there was a quite a stir in the control room a few seconds ago and Grace Baker’s ask Should we have censored him? Should we have used the dump button on the governor?

HUCKABEE: [01:09:11] Probably so. But you know, you’ll get a lot of calls. I’m sure the whole the whole segment will go viral. Wow. Vilified. But I challenge anybody to tell me that a four and five year old kid ought to be given instruction, whether homosexual or heterosexual sexuality, whether that ought to take priority over basic fundamentals of education, to prepare a four or five year old to learn how to read.

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