‘I Was Told To Remove American Flag Pin Off My Jacket’

A shocking number of Americans have been forced to conceal their conservative politics and their patriotism in the workplace, according to an Independence Day edition of the Freedom Economy Index Survey. Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

More than 63 percent of faith-based, conservative employees are forced to hide their ideology in the workplace for fear of being canceled or negatively impacted, the survey found.

One staffer was told to remove an American flag pin from her jacket and another was ordered to take off a “beautiful cross necklace my husband got me.”

A Google staffer reported that he was advised never to admit that he attended church. And the abuse is so bad that even some left-leaning staffers felt sympathetic.

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“I am a radical feminist which is a kind of leftist, but I am sympathetic to the discrimination that conservatives have experienced in the workplace.”

Additionally, more than 58 percent of workers say they’ve been forced to sit through diversity, equity and inclusion training sessions and 30 percent have been made to participate in pride celebrations or other cultural events even though it violates their faith.

“This is what happens when cancel-culture invades your HR department,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, the chief executive officer of RedBalloon. “Your company will not succeed if you have employees who are fearful they’ll be ‘outed’ and punished by HR or their co-workers for having traditional values.”

“America needs to revive strong workplace culture where employees are free to live their lives without fear of being canceled or persecuted for their faith or political beliefs,” said Crapuchettes. 

The special edition survey, a joint project of RedBalloon and PublicSquare, polled a file of 100,000 employees & job seekers from RedBalloon’s national job seeker profile database. The FEI has typically polled a joint file of 80,000 small business owners from PublicSquare and RedBalloon’s customer files.

Do conservatives and Christians face discrimination in the workplace?

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