‘If Americans Have to Turn Over Their Six Packs, Biden Has to Turn Over the Drugs’ Starnes Show Caller

TODD STARNES: [00:44:48] Let’s go to Patti, another radio station that’s crushing it, WSIC in North Carolina. Hi, Patti. What’s on your mind? [00:44:54][6.9]

PATTI (CALLER): [00:44:55] How is my friend doing? You did a great interview, Todd. I love that guy. I love him. He’s so smart. God bless him. [00:45:02][6.9]

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TODD STARNES: [00:45:03] He is. You know, it’s really interesting, the grasp of the information that he has. I mean, he covered a lot of topics. He was right on the money and the guy still got it. What can I say? He still got it. [00:45:16][12.8]

PATTI (CALLER): [00:45:17] He’s blessed. He’s blessed. You know what? He’s blessed. And you know what? And I hope I hope I just you know, I hope somebody, you know, up above is really going to take care of him. Okay. And I want to just draw in with this. They want to take our beer away. Right. Okay. You take our beer away. We take your coke. And the marijuana. The White House. [00:45:40][23.1]

TODD STARNES: [00:45:42] Oh, no more cocaine for you, sir. No more Coke for you. [00:45:46][4.3]

PATTI (CALLER): [00:45:46] No more. What about all the drugs in San Francisco? All that. All the people shooting up in the streets? What are you going to do? Are you going to take our beer away? What about the people that are shooting up? [00:45:57][11.1]


TODD STARNES: [00:45:59] Patti, this is a great thought. So if we’ve got to turn over our six packs, then Biden’s got to turn over the drugs. [00:46:06][6.2]

PATTI (CALLER): [00:46:08] Yeah. Yeah. Turn over your drug. All the coke. No more, No more. No more. Toot too for Kamala. [00:46:15][7.1]

TODD STARNES: [00:46:18] I love it. Patty, this is a great this is a great idea. Well done. Well done. Patty, Thank you for the call. [00:46:24][6.2]

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