‘It’s a Disaster’ Democrat Donors Fear Massive Republican Landslide

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Democrats met behind closed doors earlier earlier this week – many walking into the meeting saying that President Biden needed to be put out to pasture. But when they walked out – the Democrats were singing a completely different tune. Many said they now stood behind our geriatric commander in chief.

So, I’m curious what happened inside that meeting? What sort of dirt does the Biden Crime Family Syndicate have on the Democrat Party. I can only imagine Hunter and Dr. First Lady Jill handing each congressman a sealed manila envelope as they noshed on pastries. Their faces turning beet red and then – the about-face. All conjecture of course – but it does make one wonder.

President Trump, on the other hand, has seen his support explode across the nation. The latest Emerson Poll shows the former president with a three point lead of Biden. A New AARP survey has Trump leading by 7 in Wisconsin.

Yet Biden – who now identifies as a black woman – continues to garner support among delusional Democrats. Congressman Steven Horsford – the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus – said Biden has been the victim of ageism and ableism.

Heaven forbid we ask for a president who can speak in complete sentences and won’t confuse the nuclear code button with his Life Alert button.

Senator John Fetterman – the Democrat from Pennsylvania – suggested to reporters that the president could display his vim and vigor by and I quote – “banging a porn star.”

Meanwhile, the editorial board of The New York Times has doubled down – posting a second call to arms – urging the Democrat Party to speak “plain truth” to the president. They say the president is embarrassing himself and endangering his legacy.

The Times is calling on Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Hakeem Jeffries to speak forcefully to the president and the public about the need for a new candidate.

Clearly, the Times editorial board cannot read the room. After today’s meeting – the Democrats have resigned themselves to the reality that their coup against Biden has failed. His job saved for the time being by AOC and Ilhan Omar and other woke progressives. But if the polls are to be believed – not even the woke can wake up Joe’s campaign of the Undead.

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NBC News reports:

President Joe Biden’s campaign has already suffered a major slowdown in donations and officials are bracing for a seismic fundraising hit, with the fallout from a debate nearly two weeks ago taking a sizable toll on operations, according to four sources close to the re-election effort. 

“It’s already disastrous,” one of the sources close to Biden’s re-election said of fundraising.  

“The money has absolutely shut off,” another source close to the re-election said.

Two of the sources said this month is on a path to be down by possibly half — “or much more,” one of them said — from large donors alone. Sources emphasized that the donations were down across the board.

“Donors are negative. They had a call with the president. The call seemed so contrived to people; I don’t think they buy it,” one of the people close to the campaign said, referring to a recent national fundraising call between Biden and donors. “They called on people who were the most loyal, die-hard … There were no tough questions for the president.”

NBC News

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