‘It’s Dangerous For a Jew in America. They’re Coming After People of Faith’ – Caller to the Todd Starnes Show

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TODD: All right, welcome back to the Todd Starnes radio show. Good to have you with us. This little item out of New York City where a church came under attack. They destroyed a statue of Jesus and they also burned an American flag. This happened at the Saint Athanasius Church in Brooklyn. NYPD investigating this as a hate crime. It’s a Catholic church. Pretty despicable what they’re doing. But look, Christians and Jews, big targets on their backs all over the place. Hey, let’s go to the phones here. Bruce Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hi, Bruce. What’s on your mind today?

CALLER: Hey, Todd. There’s a couple of things I would love to talk about. Number one, I am so sorry that your colleges and universities have become so woke. I’m a nice Jewish boy and we’re getting some of that in our yeshivas, they’re trying to ordain women in a couple of them. So, you know, they’re trying to do that. But there is a tremendous pushback from all Jews everywhere. Tremendous pushback. You want to be a liberal Jew, be a liberal Jew. Do you want to ordain women? It’s up to you. But in the in the world of orthodoxy, no. So I would recommend and strongly recommend that your people push back as hard as they can against that.

TODD: Well, Bruce, I think there are a lot of Christian churches that are doing that. I was not aware that this was a big issue in the Jewish community as well. And you’re telling me that you guys are pushing? There is pushback.

CALLER: I’m going to Israel, God willing, this summer. I’m a Navy veteran, I’ve been in America for 65 years, I lived in blue states and red states right now, thank God I’m in a red state, but I’m going to bail. I mean, right now they’re coming after people of faith.

TODD: What do you mean by that? What do you mean you’re going to bail? Bruce, what do you mean by that?

CALLER: That means I’m going to Israel to become a citizen.

TODD: Is that right?

CALLER: Yes, I’m going to have dual citizenship, I’ll be an American, I can come back, I’ve got a son and a daughter here, but I have a daughter in Jerusalem and I got a daughter in Toccoa and I got a granddaughter son in law. And I’ve got cousins in Tel Aviv and I’ve never met my granddaughter.

TODD: Well, you know, this is a good friend of this program, Joel Rosenberg, who wrote some incredible novels, one of the one of my favorite novelists, that’s what he did. He moved his whole family. He and his wife and their three boys now grown. And they all live in Jerusalem right now. And they come back on occasion. But like you, they I believe they do have dual citizenship.

CALLER: It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous for a Jew in America. It is absolutely dangerous. I mean, right now there’s a synagogue that I was part of, a big part of a synagogue in Portland, Oregon. And there have been threats against the synagogue and the Jewish community. They’ve had to hire extra security because it’s a holiday that starts tonight called Shuvalov. That’s when we got the Torah at Mount Sinai. So they’re hiring people to escort Jews from their home to the synagogue and back because they’re being attacked. I mean, what kind of world is this when a Jew — I mean, you’re never going to see a Jew going out and go, you know, you know, praise God and blow up a mosque? You know, we don’t do that. We we just we just are part of the community. Now, what’s going on? They’re trying to kill us all. They’re trying to to do genocide. And so it is scary out there. The synagogue I belong to was Beit Yosef in Portland. And the frightening part is we have to hire extra security just to go to synagogue.

CALLER: It’s just not right. It’s frightening. And you know, something Todd – God is writing all this down. I’ll tell you what. His other book, he’s writing it down. And I’ll tell you a retribution and this is not going to come from me, is now can come from my friends when the Big Guy comes down on these people. I mean, I love calling God the Big Guy. I learned that from a person in Santa Barbara once upon a time refers to God as the big guy. He is the big guy. He’s going to come down on these people like a ton of bricks and, you know, man plans. God laughs. So these people are doing unholy things in universities like you’re the evangelical universities. They’re doing hideous things. They are doing hideous things in the world, doing hideous things towards Israel. Thank God you’re going to have these meetings and you’re going to have these rallies for the sake of Israel.

TODD: Well, and we are going to do that. Oh, well, we’ll have security. I got to tell you, we’re one of the most secure radio stations in America, Bruce. I can promise you that, my friend. I want you to do us a favor, Bruce. I want you to, Sverre, because we’re coming up on the top of the hour here. I want you to give us a call back and let us know how you’re doing. And before you leave, I want you to call us as well. You be safe out there, my friend.

CALLER: You know something to thank you for being you, you know, I’m a nice Jewish boy, you’re a Christian oriented group. But you know something? I feel comfortable talking to you because you’re real.

TODD: I’ve got to tell you, Bruce, you know what? You come to Memphis, the bagels are on me. And maybe I’ll throw in a biscuit and some pimento cheese, too. God bless my friend.

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