Jentezen Franklin Warns of Dark Days for America if Evangelicals Don’t Vote in 2020

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Evangelical megachurch pastor Jentezen Franklin spoke with The Todd Starnes Show on Tuesday to reflect on the “very humbling” experiencing of praying over President Donald Trump last week.

“We need to pray for our president like never before, because he has fought for us,” Franklin told Starnes. “He has fought for what we believe like no president that I’ve ever seen.”

Starnes wrote about Trump’s relationship with evangelical voters in his book, “The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again.” Click here to read.

“It’s very humbling, and at the same time, you feel the weight of it, that you are praying for the person who sits in the most influential seat in the world,” Franklin continued. Check out his full interview here.

“Prayer matters. It’s prayer time in America.”

Franklin said there’s a whole host of reasons why President Trump aligns with Evangelical values: “He has stopped the merciless killing of the unborn … he has lifted millions of people from poverty and food stamps to the dignity of work … he has brought prison reform, fulfilling [Matthew chapter 24] … he’s rescued 6,000 young people from sex trafficking.”

President Trump is “not a perfect man,” Franklin stated. “He’s never claimed to be a perfect man.”

“To me, this is a fight that I can’t be silent on. I can’t side on the sideline.”

Franklin continued to described the scene of the prayer in Miami, Florida: “There were hundreds of pastors … of every denomination … Baptists, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian.”

As senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, Franklin believes neither political party by default aligns with Christianity. However, “whoever lines up the most with His word, which is His will, is who we should vote our faith for.”

“I can’t separate my faith from my vote,” he added.

Franklin said older Christians are “rock solid” behind the president, but as for millennial Evangelicals, “that is the real concern.”

“If Evangelicals sit this one out, and side on the side … we could have something in America that could be tragic,” Franklin said of the upcoming presidential election.