Latest Social Media Craze: Teens Coughing on Grocery Store Produce

Police in Purcellville, Virginia are warning shoppers to be on the lookout for idiot teenagers who are intentionally coughing on produce.

“Punk teenagers are hitting the grocery stores, coughing all over the produce and the grocery items— filming it and posting it to YouTube,” one enraged shopper wrote on Facebook. “It scared the hell out of one elderly woman who was just trying to grocery shop. Why the hell aren’t these people keeping their teens home?”

The Purcellville Police Department confirmed that the juvenile delinquents were “filming themselves and posting it on social media.”

“We have learned that this appears to be a disturbing trend on social media across the country, and we ask for help from parents to discourage this behavior immediately,” the police department posted on its Facebook page.

We can only pray these moronic kids were not diseased.

The grocery store immediately removed the items in question, and has taken appropriate measures to ensure the health of store patrons, the police department said.

I suspect this will lead to another social media craze: parents administering a belt to the backside.

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