Lesbians Demand Wedding Venue Owners Endorse Their Lifestyle

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 The owners of a Kansas wedding venue are facing the wrath of the LGBT mob.

Two lesbians planned to get married and they wanted to hold their event at the Barn at Grace Hill.

The owners said they would allow the proceedings to go on – but they could not in good faith celebrate the union because of their religious beliefs.

“While our deeply held religious belief keeps us from celebrating anything but marriage between a man and woman, we desire to serve everyone equally and do not want to keep anyone from using our building who would like to,” wrote the venue co-owner, Amanda Balzer. “Our hearts are to serve, regardless of race, creed, color, origin, sexual orientation, gender or marital status, while maintaining our convictions and beliefs as well.”

The lesbian couple was enraged and shared their story on social media. Now, the wedding venue is facing a torrent of hate mail.

Here’s how the LGBTQ Nation described the lesbian couple’s ordeal:

“In Kansas, preschool teacher Ali Waggy and her fiancée Jessica Robinson have been battling back the tears since Sunday night,” they wrote. “That’s when they learned Ali’s lifelong dream of an old-fashioned wedding in a quaint barn on the Kansas plains was in jeopardy.”

But that’s not true — the owners were more than willing to let them get married. They just didn’t want to participate in the festivities.

Not only were the lesbians wanting to rent the venue – they apparently wanted the owners to endorse their lifestyle.

LGTBQ Nation said the lesbians were traumatized.

“Honestly, I just started crying hysterically, and it was pretty awful and heart-crushing,” Waggy said.

The owners of the Barn at Grace Hill learned a very important lesson.  The Alphabet Activists demand full compliance with their way of life. You must personally pledge allegiance to the rainbow flag.  There is no room for grace.

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