LGBT Groups Pitch Tents at Boy Scout National Jamboree

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The Boy Scouts are holding their National Jamboree in West Virginia. And for the first time in history – gay rights organizations have been invited to pitch tents.

Would you allow your son to join Boy Scouts of America?

The Washington Post documented one tent decorated with a canopy of LGBT flags and bowls of rainbow bracelets. Also on hand were pronoun stickers and diversity patches.

“The tents — offering free merch, panel discussions and guidance for scouts on ‘how to be an ally’— appeared more popular than the Methodist and Mormon tents down the gravel lane,” the Post reported.

The Post also reported that attendance was dismal – just 15,000 Scouts compared to more than 40,000 at the previous jamboree. Overall, the Scouts have lost half its membership between 2019 and 2020.

The Scouts jumped down the slippery slope in 2015 by admitting gay men. Then came transgender scouts in 2017 and biological girls in 2018. And then there were the hundreds and hundreds of sex abuse cases.

The Post reports that Scouts “seized the moment to press for a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“A collective dubbed ‘Scouts for Black Lives’ successfully pushed the organization to commit to a slate of projects, including a new diversity merit badge required for Eagle Scout rank. And at this year’s National Jamboree, which ends on Friday, the BSA has for the first time created community spaces for historically excluded populations,” the newspaper reported.

When your grandfather was in the Boy Scouts, he learned to do his duty to God and Country. To be mentally awake and morally straight. But the most important value in the Boy Scouts these days is diversity. If you go to their website – and click on “About the BSA” – the very first page is about diversity, equity and inclusion.

Ironically, it seems the only people who are not welcome in the Boy Scouts these days are boys. And specifically church-going, heterosexual, biological boys.

That’s why I recommend that you sign your son up for Trail Life USA – a scouting program rooted in the early traditions of the Boy Scouts – without all the woke nonsense. Trail Life actually prides itself as an organization that lets boys be boys.

What a novel concept.

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