MAGA Passenger Says She Was Targeted by Flight Attendant

A devoted supporter of President Trump claims she was intentionally ignored by an American Airlines flight attendant because she was wearing an iconic red MAGA hat.

Heather Mullins wrote on social media that she had been upgraded to the first-class cabin. When the flight attendant took drink orders she passed over Mullins and refused to provide service.

“I’ve worn my MAGA hat every time I’ve flown for the last four years and got thousands of fist bumps. NEVER got any hate,” Mullins wrote on X on Sunday.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. I just had the flight attendant for @AmericanAir SKIP ME in first class when asking everyone if they wanted a drink!!” she claimed.

Eventually, the flight attendant got around to serving Mullins.

“I was the last one to get served,” Mullins claimed. “I’m honestly in shock. It’s sad that just happened in America.

Mullins said other passengers were stunned by the flight attendant’s rudeness.

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“I was the last one to get served,” Mullins claimed. “I’m honestly in shock. It’s sad that just happened in America. “But so grateful for all the kind people around me saying how awful it was she did that to me. She’s an anomaly. Most people are not like that.”

American Airlines told The New York Post they are investigating the incident.

“American Airlines strives to provide a positive and welcoming experience to everyone who travels with us,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “We are investigating the matter, including reaching out to the customer to learn more about her experience.”

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