Meet the Conservative Republican Muslim Who Wants to Defeat Ilhan Omar

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Dalia al-Aqidi – a Republican Muslim woman seeking to unseat Representative Ilhan Omar – told The Todd Starnes Show on Tuesday that “the safety of our country is the most important thing on this planet.”

“I believe Ilham Omar is doing irreparable harm to Minnesota and to the US in general,” al-Aqidi told Starnes. “Every time she opens her mouth, she spreads hatred, she spreads anti-Semitism, hateful rhetoric.”

“Every time [Omar] says something, she offends me … as an American … as a Muslim … as a refugee,” al-Aqidi continued. Listen to her entire interview here.

Having fled Iraq under the Saddam Hussein regime, al-Aqidi says national security for the United States is one of her campaign’s top priorities.

Speaking on a variety of political issues, al-Aqidi said, “I believe in the constitution of the United States of America,” adding that she is pro-life and stands with the Second Amendment.

“It’s the right of every American to defend himself. I believe in the right to bear arms,” she said. And on the topic of abortion, she believes women “need more education about the options that they have other than what the liberals are calling for.”

Al-Aqidi said despite her similarities with Omar, who currently represents Minnesota’s fifth congressional district, “she does not represent me in any way, shape or form.”

“Yes, we do have similar backgrounds, but we couldn’t be more different.”

“I come from a Muslim family” and a Muslim-majority country, she told Starnes. “And let me say it very quite clear, I came through a vetting process. I went through the process of every refugee that would come here. So from day one that I put a foot on US soil, I put my feet legally.”

“Everything the Republican Party stands for is everything that I stand for, even before I came to the United States,” she added.

As a journalist for several decades, al-Aqidi said her experience has focused on international issues and foreign affairs. “I was one of the very few Republican journalists in the White House.”

“I truly believe that President Trump is doing everything that he can for the United States,” she continued. “I believe that President Trump is taking the right approach and making the right decisions about defending and protecting the citizens of the United States.”

Al-Aqidi said that while “President Trump is making efforts to make America safer,” Omar is calling for open borders and support for those “who are fighting the United States of America.”

She believes Omar has failed to serve Minnesota “the way any representative should serve his or her constituents.”

“On the surface, we look the same … but we couldn’t be further apart,” Al-Aqidi says of Omar on her campaign website.