Men Could Earn Spots on Female U.S. Olympic Teams

There’s a very good chance that men who think they are women could be selected for the U.S. Women’s Olympic team. And Congressman Greg Steube wants to prevent that from happening.

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The Florida Republican has introduced legislation that would ban biological men from competing on teams with women – especially in sports like boxing and swimming.

USA Boxing recently changed its policy allowing men to fight women. Imagine that, folks. Men being sanctioned to beat up women in a ring while people cheer. Smack around a woman – get a medal. It’s disgusting.

The congressman’s bill would protect women and prevent organizations that embrace transgenderism from being recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

“It’s just insane that we’re in a place in our country right now where legislation like this is necessary to protect women,” the congressman said on my radio show.

Steube said it putting men on women’s teams would bring about the end of Title IX. He said the Democrats want to “just do away with the whole thing and just have one coed baseball team, one coed boxing team.

“See how fast that women disappear off the playing field,” Steube said.

Lia Thomas – the male swimmer who crushed a number of Ivy League and NCAA female swimming records – is suing. He wants to change a rule banning men from competing as women in elite swimming competitions.

At its core transgenderism is the idea that men do a better job at being women – than women do.

“It’s just insane that the Biden administration and these leftist organizations are going so far to the left, that even Democratic moms don’t want their daughters to be competing against a male in softball or in soccer or in swimming or any of these other sports, taking away scholarships from them, taking away the ability to compete,” the congressman said.

Not to mention the inherent danger of stronger boys competing against girls. But maybe that’s the point. These boys get their jollies smacking around young girls on the athletic fields.

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Should men be allowed to play on female U.S. Olympic teams?

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