New Mexico Gun Grab is Just a Test Run for Democrats

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In New Mexico, there is growing outrage over Governor Michelle Grisham’s decision to suspend the Second Amendment.

The governor declared a temporary emergency health order – suspending open and concealed carry across the state. She even suggested that law-abiding gun owners who defy her order should be arrested.

Fortunately, a judge has blocked the governor’s nefarious scheme and even a number of Democrats have raised concerns.

The blowback has been swift. Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman said he would not enforce the law.

“As an officer of the court, I cannot and will not enforce something that is clearly unconstitutional,” he said.

The county sheriff said: “I am wary of placing my deputies in positions that could lead to civil liability conflicts.”

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Two Republican state lawmakers announced impeachment proceedings. Representatives Stefanie Lord and John Block said:

“This is an abhorrent attempt at imposing a radical, progressive agenda on an unwilling populous. Rather than addressing crime at its core, Governor Grisham is restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

And on Sunday – hundreds of law-abiding gun owners gathered in Albuquerque’s Old Town Square to protest the governor’s crackdown. Police did not intervene and no one was arrested.

Even anti-gun zealots like California Congressman Ted Lieu and Parkland High School alum David Hogg blasted the governor – calling it unconstitutional.

Governor Grisham, meanwhile, remains defiant and said none of our constitutional rights are intended to be absolute.

So if that’s the case, does Governor Grisham also believe she has the right to shut down the news media and the churches? And what about our freedom to assemble? Does she actually believe that she holds the power to decide whether or not we can engage in our First Amendment rights?

This is not the first time that a government tried to confiscate the weapons of law-abiding citizens. It also happened in 1775.

The British dispatched hundreds of Redcoats to Lexington, Massachusetts. They were under orders to confiscate all their guns and ammo. But the good patriots of Lexington said no. And what happened next became the shot heard round the world.

The American Revolution began over a government mandated gun grab. And Governor Grisham would do well to remember that.

As for the rest of us – pay very close attention to the Democrats. If they can get away with suspending the Second Amendment, they can get away with suspending the rest of the Constitution. This is not just about New Mexico. This is a test run.

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