New York Times Blames White Parents For Underachieving Minority Kids

The New York Times, made famous recently after reports of a toxic work environment for any writer who’s politically to the right of a protester in Portland, announced what critics called a blatantly racist series called “Nice White Parents.”

The preview sounds like the Old Grey Lady devoted a lot of resources in finding brand new reasons why white people should apologize for societal problems. The preview promises to explore why public schools in the country are failing and why.

The preview asks why “Black and brown kids” aren’t performing better and answers its own question.

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“If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public education system, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.”


The series seemed to be panned on social media. One user wrote, “To understand what’s wrong with the mainstream media, you have to look at what’s arguably the most powerful force in American news: The New York Times. Instead of bringing people of all races/backgrounds together, you are hell-bent on driving them as far apart as possible.”


Ben Shapiro, the conservative radio host, tweeted that, “Disintegrationists are now claiming that if you are a good parent who wants to educate your children in the best possible way, you are inherently racist because you are exacerbating racial inequality. This holds only if you are white.”

The paper has had a string of unflattering reports that make it seem that any thought outside of its leftist orthodoxy will not only be silenced, but shown the door. An opinion columnist recently claimed in a stinging letter that she was bullied by coworkers and described a hostile work environment for any writer who “forays into Wrongthink.”

The paper, which clings to the mantra, “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” also saw its top editorial page editor, James Bennet, resign in June after the op-ed page published a column by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who called on military intervention amid protests.

One person mocked the paper’s announcement and wrote, “Yes, I had nice white parents. Thank you NYT for showing me what vile racists Nazis they were! I see the light.”