New York Times Blasts Americans Celebrating July 4th With Burgers & Fireworks

It’s Independence Day which means the Mainstream Media will publish stories and broadcast reports about how ashamed we should all be to live in the great nation on the face of the Earth.  Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

And that brings me to a diatribe written by Margaret Renkl and published in The New York Times.

Margaret wants to outlaw fireworks. She says the explosions terrify her dog. She also blames fireworks on the untimely deaths of raccoons, possums and other woodland creatures.

Margaret also wants Americans to consider planting vegetable gardens and instead of feasting on a juicy cheeseburger, she recommends a soy sandwich.

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The conflation of selfishness with patriotism is the thing I have the hardest time accepting about our political era. Maybe we have the right to eat a hamburger or drive the biggest truck on the market or fire off bottle rockets deep into the night on the Fourth of July, but it doesn’t make us good Americans to do such things. How can it possibly be American to look at the damage that fireworks can cause — to the atmosphere, to forests, to wildlife, to our own beloved pets, to ourselves — and shrug?

The truly American thing would be to join together to make every change we can reasonably make to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, human and other than human alike. The truly American thing would be to plant a victory garden large enough to encompass the entire natural world.

The New York Times

That’s right folks. Margaret says while we have a right to eat burgers and shoot off fireworks and drive the biggest pickup truck on the highway, doing so does not make us patriotic or good Americans.

Now, Margaret is afforded the right under the U.S. Constitution, to author her pro-vegan, anti-American diatribe in the Times. That, I do not protest.

But all of you meat-eating, gun toting patriots are also afforded rights under the Constitution. You have the right to invite Margaret to blow her hippy-dippy Communist propaganda out the tailpipe of a Ford F-150 pickup.

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Should Americans celebrate July 4th with fireworks and hamburgers?

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