NFL Allows Players to Wear Social Justice Messages on Helmets

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People are throwing a flag on the NFL’s plan to allow social justice messages again on player helmets.

“The NFL will continue with its empty, hollow gestures while it ignores the many chances it has to improve society,” sports columnist Tom Joyce told ToddStarnes.com. “Teams push alcohol advertising, do partnerships with the lottery, play in cronyist taxpayer-funded stadiums, and sell merchandise made by Nike that doesn’t seem to respect human rights.”

If you ask Joyce, the league would “rather be woke in ways that cost them nothing than combat addiction, corporate welfare for millionaires and billionaires, and the mistreatment of sweatshop workers on the other side of the globe.”

“It’s hard to take these efforts seriously from such a hypocritical league,” said Joyce.

The phrases “It Takes All Of Us” and “End Racism” will also be stenciled in end zones again this season as part of the NFL’s Inspire Change platform.

“We are committed to Inspire Change and the social justice work that inspires change for the long-term,” Anna Isaacson, NFL senior vice president of social responsibility told The Associated Press.

There are six messages that NFL players can choose from this season as part of the helmet decal program. The phrases are End Racism, Stop Hate, It Takes All Of US, Black Lives Matter, Inspire Change, and Say Their Stories.


“The best way to inspire change is to lead by example, not forcing “equality” in the name of “social justice,”” said Martin Baker of the Project 21 Network. “This is absolutely not a good look for the NFL.”

Baker wonders if players will be sanctioned if they choose not to wear the helmet decals.

“Will it be mandatory?” he continued. “Do the players have a choice of which to wear or will teams have the final say? Will players be able to “say the stories” of our brave members of the military, law enforcement or first responders?  Or does the League selectively define that narrative? This will not end well.”

People have been active on Twitter as part of an effort to blow the whistle on the NFL announcement:

“Remember when the Cowboys could not wear DPD stickers after they were murdered?” said @Young_shots.

“I would wear all lives matter on my helmet,” tweeted @iratioedyou69.

Meanwhile, @jjsburner99 raised a good point:

“How about the names of the fallen soldiers,” he said, a reference to the service members killed last month in Afghanistan.

In Weeks 17 and 18, the NFL says each team will highlight during a home game what it is doing in the way of social justice.

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