NFL to Add ‘Black National Anthem’ to Major Events

The following is a transcript of Todd’s national radio commentary heard on hundreds of stations around the country.

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Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

The National Football League says they are going to normalize the playing of the so-called Black National Anthem.

The song known as “Lift Every Voice and Sing” will be included prior to major NFL events this coming season. That’s according to the reporting of Front Office Sports. 

During the 2020 season the NFL went full-blown woke – allowing players to post social justice messages on their uniforms and on the field. 

Players also took a knee to protest The Star-Spangled Banner — which is the national anthem for all Americans. 

It’s not clear what sort of punishment will be meted out if players take a knee during the Black National Anthem. 

Nor is it clear if the NFL will include national anthems for Asian-American players or Latino players or Indigenous players or Samoan players. 

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