Boston Mayor Defends ‘No Whites Allowed’ Holiday Party

Boston City Hall announced a holiday party for elected leaders the other day. All were welcome to attend – except white people.

Mayor Michelle Wu, who is Asian-American, had wanted the party to be exclusively for “electeds of color” – in other words – non-white lawmakers.

Unfortunately, the mayor’s office sent the exclusive invitation to everyone. Once they realized the mistake, an apology was provided for anyone who may have been offended.

“I wanted to apologize for my previous email regarding a Holiday Party for tomorrow,” staffer Denise DosSantos, wrote. “I did send that to everyone by accident, and I apologize if my email may have offended or came across as so. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.”

But the mayor stood firm on her decision to ban white people and even posted photos of the events to rub it into the noses of pale faced residents.

Councilor Frank Baker – who is white – said the mayor’s decision was unfortunate and divisive.

But the story is not that white people were banned from attending a holiday party. The real story is the reaction among non-white lawmakers.

They say there’s nothing to apologize for.

Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderso told the Boston Herald a separate not equal holiday party is commendable.

“Your email should not offend anyone and there is absolutely no confusion,” Fernandes Anderson wrote. “Just like there are groups that meet based on shared interests or cultural backgrounds, it’s completely natural for elected officials of color to gather for a holiday celebration.”

She added, “Many groups celebrate and come together in various ways, and it’s not about excluding anyone. Instead, it’s about creating spaces for like-minded individuals to connect and support each other.”

I’m not sure there’s nothing commendable about bigotry or racism – especially during the yuletide season .

Because of Critical Race Theory there will not be a white Christmas in Boston.

Should the Boston mayor hold segregated holiday parties?

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