North Carolina Motel Declares ‘All Cops Are BAS****DS’

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The owners of a North Carolina motel are facing fierce backlash on social media after they posted an offensive message about police officers on their marquee.

I was alerted to the story by one of our listeners – a retired member of law enforcement in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“ACAB – the barrel is rotten,” read the sign outside of Our Place Inn – a family-owned motel and RV park in Maggie Valley.

A.C.A.B. is an acronym meaning “All Cops Are Bastards.”

The owners of the inn posted the profane screed on their Facebook page and took great pride in the controversy they created.

“ACAB got everyone’s attention just like we knew it would. Posts are spreading like wildfire and a discussion has started,” the owners wrote. “So now let’s talk about police reform. What do we believe?”

The anti-cop owners of Our Place Inn called for a complete overhaul of law enforcement.

“There are too many individual cops who have created tension and sewn distrust in our national communities,” they wrote. “These few apples have been allowed to permeate for so long that THE BARREL IS ROTTEN.”

The motel’s Facebook page was filled with thousands of angry responses.

“I’ll make sure I never stay at your hotel for any reason! Oh and be sure if you have trouble don’t call the police take care of it yourself.” one Facebook user wrote. “Calling all cops bastards and calling for police reform are two separate things. Regardless of how anyone feels about police reform, all cops are not bastards and that acronym makes the rest of your write up irrelevant. It’s pure hate speech and 100% discriminatory.”

Others were deeply offended because two police officers recently lost their lives just a few counties away.

Sgt. Chris Ward, 36, and K-9 deputy Logan Fox, 25, were killed two weeks ago in a shooting in Watauga County, North Carolina.

“The majority of Haywood County really doesn’t value your belief. So it’s time to sell. Leave. Go somewhere else that shares your opinion. I hear downtown Minneapolis or Seattle are nice,” a Facebook critic wrote.

“Take your liberal politics back to wherever you came from because CLEARLY you are not from Maggie Valley because OUR community supports Law Enforcement and Order,” another person wrote. “I just hope that you never have to be in a situation where you have to depend on a Law Enforcement Officer to defend your life or family.”

My recommendation to folks traveling to Maggie Valley would be to stay at a Hampton Inn. They serve a free breakfast and the hotel doesn’t give off a “Bates Motel” vibe.