Pastor Under Fire For Wearing Skinny Jeans in Pulpit

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A South Dakota preacher is accused of dressing naughty in the Badlands.

Does it matter what your preacher wears in the pulpit?

Adam Weber is pastor of Embrace Church in Sioux Falls. He was called out by a church member for wearing skinny jeans. 

The unnamed parishioner said it was an outrage and morally wrong that a representative of Jesus Christ would wear such form-fitting attire in the pulpit. 

“As head pastor do you really think it is appropriate to wear skinny leg jeans to preach? Since when do men wear skinny leg jeans? Where is your common sense? This is an outrage! You are a representative of Jesus Christ!,” the anonymous critic wrote before taking aim at the church’s worship team.

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The writer apparently had no issue with the pastor wearing a Hawaiian-themed shirt. It was also untucked — no doubt an unforgivable sin.

“Certainly you can dress professionally and conservatively. YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. The praise and worship team should also dress CONSERVATIVELY,” they added.

“This is mandatory being in ministry! This looks like you are trying on purpose to be sexy. JUST DISGUSTING FOR A PASTOR. USE SOME COMMON SENSE. DRESS LIKE YOU SHOULD! You are not in middle school but rather responsible for an entire church.”

Pastor Weber posted the letter on his social media page — says just because he wear skinny jeans does not mean he is backsliding. 

“Also I think I’ll keep wearing my skinny jeans. Even if they’re … sexy?” he said. “I genuinely have no ill will toward the person. I only hope good to come their way. I know when I’m hurting, I think/say/do hurtful things. If you would please pray for them. That God would shower them with His love, grace and kindness today. Thanks friends.”

I’m a Southern Baptist and if I’m being honest — many of our preachers have no business wearing skinny jeans. Let’s just say they’ve been around the church supper buffet line a few too many times. 

Caleb Parke – the managing editor of my website – said it best. 

“Too many pastors wear skinny jeans — when God is actually calling them to wear regular fit,” he said.


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