Patriot Academy Brings Together Guns, God, and Good People to Save America

Todd Starnes Front Sight from Rick Green on Vimeo.

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Patriot Academy is training everyday Americans to defend their family and freedom, and more women than men are signing up.

Rick Green, the founder and president of Patriot Academy, started the Constitutional Defense Course, which is hosted at the 500-acre Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada.


“As much as I enjoy the Constitution training and the shooting of guns, having the really good defense gun training that these instructors do, the fellowship is my favorite,” Green told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“Just to get to be around other patriots from across the country — God-fearing, Constitution-loving folks, average Joe folks like us — that really see the problems in our country and want to restore our Constitutional Republic, and really getting together and realizing I’m not alone. There’s hundreds in just this room who feel that way and get to see smiling faces without masks on. I just love it!” he added. “We have a great time!”


Nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes attended and spoke at the most recent training course in March.

“You guys just do a terrific job,” Starnes said. “Everybody’s happy, they’re smiling, they’re having a good time … we are all in this together. It’s great that you guys have put together Patriot Academy … that brings people together from all over America.”

“You get to hear great stories of people who are doing that in their neighborhoods and in their church and in their community, winning on many of these fronts, so it’s a very encouraging, kind of iron sharpening iron,” he said. “It feels like that the whole time for me.”

Green, a former Texas state representative, said he championed the Second Amendment, but it wasn’t until he attended Front Sight 10 years ago that he was comfortable enough to carry a weapon.

“I got phenomenal training. It completely changed my attitude about those things. Totally comfortable with a firearm now,” he said. “Most of the folks we bring with us have never touched a gun before, certainly never shot one, some have shot their whole life and they are pretty good, but they still get great improvements.”

Green describes the family-friendly training as “a combo of Constitutional knowledge. I call it intellectual ammunition, learning the things we need to know to defend the Constitution itself and persuade others to do the same. But then at the same time get the physical training to know how to defend your family. To know how to defend your family at home or if you have to carry a concealed weapon and defend your family at the grocery store, Walmart, wherever it may be, we’re very much about doing that safely and effectively.”

Thousands have attended the Constitutional Defense Course.

“I’ve never had anybody say they wish they hadn’t gone,” Green said. “In fact, most of them say they’ve come back more than once. It’s a wonderful time of fellowship, but it really will give you skills that you never thought you could get and also get that constitutional knowledge is so important.”

About 55% of attendees are women and the founder said most of the time it’s the wife calling and signing up her family to attend, where kids 11 years and older are able to attend on the range.

“I do want women to get trained. The firearm is the great equalizer,” Green said. “We do have to recognize there are 1.29 million violent crimes in America every year, and that was before this last year of all the riots and everything.”

The 3-day class, which is normally $1,000, is offered for only $99, and the extended 5-day class is normally $2,000, but they are offering it at $199.

“We want people to get this training and get this education,” Green said, noting it’s a tenth of the normal cost.

Green said people come and light up, realizing they can feel good about being an American and be a part of the solution to save America, to restore this constitutional Republic.

“That’s why they leave excited going back into their communities then, to be the catalyst for that,” he concluded. “We teach them how to be constitutional coaches, where they host classes in their living room and get other people to learn those things. So it really is a purpose-oriented program, but even if someone wants to come just for themselves, just to get that handgun training, or just to get that individual constitutional knowledge, we’d love to have them.”

The next Constitutional Defense Course is being offered April 25.

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