Patriotic Line Dancers Booted From Seattle Hoedown

A patriotic group of line dancers was given an ultimatum: either remove their American flag shirts or they would not be allowed to perform.

The Borderline Dance Team was told by organizers of the Emerald City Hoedown that their matching shirts would have triggered other dancers and audience members. The event was organized by Rain County Dance Association, a LGBT dance community.


Co-captain Lindsay Stamp told KTTH host Jason Rantz that their costumes sparked a “small percentage” of complainants who brought up Israel’s war against Hamas and transgender issues. 

“We’re a patriotic group. We support our military, our veterans, our first responders. We’re a group of patriots,” she said.

The group posted a lengthy Facebook post explaining in detail what happened.

“At first we were told we would just be booed, yelled at and likely many of them would walk out,” they wrote. “This did not deter us. But then we were given an ultimatum. Remove the flag tops and perform in either street clothes (which most didn’t bring as they traveled there in their uniforms) or they would supply us with ECH shirts from years past… Or, don’t perform at all, which effectively was asking us to leave.”

Another team, West Coast Country Heat, heard about the controversy and they, too, decided not to perform.

“Both of our teams stood in solidarity and put actions to words,” they wrote, and “walked out with class and dignity despite the discrimination we had experienced.”

God bless these patriotic ladies. They are the kind of Americans I write about in my new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming.” They took a stand for freedom – no matter the cost. Click here to read my book.

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