Pensacola Police: Don’t Call Us if Someone Gives you Circus Peanuts on Halloween

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The Pensacola Police Department is getting lots of laughs over a Facebook message suggesting trick-or-treaters should not call law enforcement if they receive a bag full of Circus Peanuts.

“And if you see someone handing out the pictured item, notify someone. Not us, but someone. Have a safe and fun Halloween,” the department wrote in a tongue-in-cheek post.

Circus Peanuts are one of the most despised treats a child or adult can receive on Halloween. That, and a box of raisins.

The Florida police department also advised adults to consider moving their Halloween activities to Saturday instead of Sunday.

“Halloween falls on a Sunday, but Saturday is really the better night since there is no school the next day,” they wrote. “And is it in anyone’s best interest to parade around as a blood-thirsty psychopath or sexy witch or Ted Lasso on the Lord’s day?”

The police, using their vested powers from the American Notary Association, declared that panhandle residents can trick or treat on either day.

“We’re not your Mom, figure it out,” the officers wrote. “Whichever you decide, use some sense and drive easy through the neighborhoods, make sure your kids can be seen, and inspect their bags for harmful items like black licorice or the TikTok app.”

Giving out black licorice, by the way, has led to many a home being rolled by toilet paper.