Rep. Diane Black’s Super Bowl Ad Urges Americans to Stand for Anthem

A Tennessee gubernatorial candidate is taking a very public stand for veterans and the national anthem on Super Bowl Sunday.

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) is running a 30-second ad in television markets across the Volunteer State during the Super Bowl pregame show — urging fans to stand for the national anthem.

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“It’s too bad that the league does not respect the patriotism of the national anthem,” Black says in the ad. “All year players refused to stand for the national anthem and the league refused to accept an ad from the American Veterans urging everyone to please stand.”

American Veterans, the nation’s largest veterans service organization, had wanted to place an ad in the Super Bowl program guide with a two-word message: “#PleaseStand.”

However, the National Football League rejected the advertisement — citing a policy about refusing to publish ads that make political statements. Click here to read our exclusive story.

The NFL seems to believe that asking Americans to stand for the national anthem is a political statement. Apparently they only allow people to make political statements on the football field.

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But Black refuses to be intimidated by the NFL or their unAmerican millionaire employees.

“They can’t stop you and me,” she declares in the television commercial.

“So tonight, where ever you are watching this game, please stand for the Star Spangled Banner and join me in standing up for veterans,” she says.

Rep. Black should be commended for her patriotism, but I cannot in good faith watch a bunch of unAmerican thugs disrespect Old Glory or the Armed Forces. When they took a knee, I changed the channel.

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