Rep. Rosendale Wants Jill Biden Charged With Elder Abuse

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) tells me that First Lady Jill Biden should be charged with elder abuse.

“His wife should be ashamed of herself,” Rosendale said on my radio show, referring to the rapidly declining physical abilities of the president. “Jill Biden should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

Rosendale said Biden is being kept out of public view because his condition has “worsened dramatically” and he blames the First Lady for not intervening.

“I think that she is guilty of elder abuse,” the Republican congressman told me. “I do.”

Following, is a rush transcript:


TODD: Congressman, I’m wondering what is the end goal here? Because y’all aren’t the only ones wanting these audiotapes. You’ve got a lot of news agencies out there as well. Bottom line, why is it that the administration, why do you think they don’t want these audio recordings released?

ROSENDALE: Because they will show just how, feeble, quite frankly, the current president, as Joe Biden, is, is suffering from the not just the onset, but the ongoing, symptoms of dementia. And they are worsening each and every day. And, and for these tapes to come out in his own voice will reflect that he doesn’t have the ability to govern, quite frankly, Todd. And it’s dangerous. While it would educate the American people on just who is sitting in the white House, it’s also going to educate our adversaries. And so that that knife actually does cut both ways. But the American people need to understand, who is in that position so that they also understand that he’s not the one calling the shots right now. And I think that that has been established as well. I was the insurance commissioner in Montana when Joe Biden was running for office. Okay. So in 2020. So in 2019, I was the commissioner of securities and insurance in the state of Montana, has extremely strict elder abuse laws. And I made it perfectly clear to my staff that should the, Biden, entourage arrive and land at any place in Montana that immediately wanted the staff. Taken into custody for elder abuse because at that point you could already recognize the onset of dementia. And since that time it is and has worsened dramatically. And his wife should be ashamed of herself. Joe. Joe Biden should be absolutely ashamed of herself. But these these audiotapes, Todd, would expose that, very clearly to the general public. And that is why they are working so hard to keep it out of the public purview.

TODD: So you really think that she should face charges here?

ROSENDALE: I think that she is guilty of elder abuse. I do.

TODD: Wow. That’s. Look, I’m not disagreeing at all, I. She’s almost, you know, going back in history to Woodrow Wilson, when he had the strokes and the first lady was basically the de facto president. I mean, she was running the show. You wonder if Jill has some sort of involvement at that level, with, you know, when it comes to Obama and Susan Rice.

ROSENDALE: Whether she’s directing policy or not. I don’t know. But what she has done is been a strong, strong advocate for him to continue to sit in office and to pursue reelection. And that is is shameful.

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