“RONA DEFENDER!” Watch as Memphis Superhero Saves People from Virus

New York City has Spider-Man, but the Mid-South has Rona Defender.

The unidentified superhero caused quite a splash over the weekend at WolfChase Galleria wearing an improvised “Superman” suit that was outfitted with cans of Lysol, a jug of hand sanitizer, and a utility belt stocked with toilet paper.

“Just trying to defend America from this virus,” the superhero said in the parking lot of the galleria.

Clearly folks around the mall enjoyed a bit of good-natured humor as the superhero wiped down tables with disinfectant and offered squirts of hand sanitizer to the citizens of Memphis.

“The hero Memphis doesn’t deserve, but the hero we need. Our watchful guardian… The Rona Defender,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Watch below:

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