Seattle’s Socialist Councilwoman Says She’s Coming After Capitalism

If you’re a socialist and the Seattle Times is telling you to calm down the rhetoric, you’re doing it wrong.

Kshama Sawant, the Socialist Alternative councilwoman in Seattle, whose claim to fame is allegedly allowing hundreds of protesters to access City Hall while it was closed and encouraging protesters to “illegally ‘occupy’” the precinct near CHOP, is now apparently threatening to upend the entire capitalist system.

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Sawant said in an interview—shortly after passing the city’s so-called “Amazon Tax,” and said she intends on overthrowing the “racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism.”

She directed her message to Jeff Bezos and his “class.” (You know, the other people worth about $200 billion.) She warned him that if he attempted to overturn the tax again the “working people would go all out—in the thousands—to defeat you.”


“And we will not stop there,” she said. “Because you see, we are fighting for far more than this tax. We are preparing the ground for a different kind of society. And if you, Jeff Bezos, want to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modest demands, then so be it. Because we are coming for you and your rotten system.”

She said they cannot and “will not stop until we overthrow it.”

The Times’ editorial board wrote that her “dogmatic activism is making a tense situation worse.” The paper was referring to Sawant’s treatment of the city’s Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Democrat that Sawant has likened to a corporate shill.

The paper also pointed out that Sawant led anti-police protesters to Durkan’s home despite the fact that the mayor was a prosecutor.

“Sawant should find ways to be constructive during these difficult times,” the paper wrote.

But although these times are difficult, the louder and more radical a Democrat can appear the more attention they get within the party. One needs to look at the unserious, anti-police remarks from Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Critics are concerned that the racial unrest in the country is being weaponized by Democrats to advance a Socialist agenda under the guise of social justice.

The Amazon tax would reportedly range from .7 percent to 2.4 percent and was approved by the city council earlier this week.

And Sawant appears to be on a roll. One Twitter user wrote, “Lot of people have beef with Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant (which I’ve never fully understood), but I’ll say this: she gets things done that most liberals just assume was impossible.”

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