Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Trump is Stacking Judiciary With Constitutionalists

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) recently told The Todd Starnes Show that a coordinated effort between Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump has largely shifted America’s judicial system in favor of conservative values.

“Look at the district courts, and the circuit courts, and the way we’ve been able to put constitutionalist judges on those courts,” Blackburn told Starnes. “We’re going to probably vote on another five judges next week out of Judiciary Committee and be ready to move them to the [Senate floor].”

“We want to make certain we fill every single vacancy,” Blackburn said.

Tax courts and other regulatory agencies have also been stacked with conservative-leaning judges, she added. Check out Blackburn’s entire interview here.

“What we’re doing is instilling a sense of fairness,” she told Starnes. “People are going to know, when they go into those courts, they’re going to get a fair shake.”

Blackburn – the first woman to represent Tennessee in the United States Senate – said Republicans’ progress “sends a message to these lower courts.”

“Don’t try to go hamstring the federal government through decisions that are going to be particular to one area or not,” she said of lower courts.

Even the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, notoriously one of the most anti-Trump appellate courts, has seen an increase of Republican-appointed judges.

The Ninth Circuit Court has been a roadblock against several Trump Administration initiatives such as healthcare and immigration reform. But as of December 2019, “Democratic-appointed judges now hold a three-seat majority, compared with 11 at the start of Trump’s presidency,” Politico reports.