SHAMEFUL! CBS News’ Paula Reid Yells at President Trump During Meeting of Coronavirus Survivors

She’ll be a star yet!

Paula Reid, the CBS News reporter who insinuated on Monday that President Trump was personally responsible for shutting down jobs and causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, was back at it Tuesday when she tried to confront the president a second time, a report said.

Embarrassing video emerged of Reid with a group of reporters standing across from Trump trying to ask him additional questions after the press pool ended.


“Paula…let’s go, Paula. Paula, we’re done, let’s go. Paula, let’s go, we’re finished. Paula lets go, we’re done,” a woman’s voice could be heard saying. The Gateway Pundit reported that the person imploring Reid to move on was a staffer.

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The website reported, “A female staffer had to order Reid four times to leave, the last warning coming inches from Reid’s face as the staffer had to physically intimidate Reid to get her to leave, like one does with a belligerent drunk at a party.”

Trump had a tense interaction the day before after Reid that ended with the president calling her a “fake.”

She even asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, if he was essentially protecting Trump voluntarily.

“Everything I do is voluntary,” he said. “Don’t even imply that.”

Tough criticism of Trump could make a journalist’s career. CNN’s Jim Acosta, a favorite Trump adversary, secured a book deal.

Reid was praised Monday by the left on social media for “courageously” refusing to allow Trump to “lie unchallenged.”

Steve Guest, the GOP Rapid Response director, posted the video and captioned it, “WATCH: CBS News White House Reporter Paula Reid Grandstands, Gets The Facts Wrong.”

The White House has said from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis that it will likely have to fend off the media that no longer has an impeachment trial to cling to.

Trump had a confrontation with NBC News reporter Peter Alexander who was concerned that the president can’t help but give a “positive spin” on coronavirus updates.

Another CBS reporter Weijia Jiang, took to Twitter last month claiming that an administration official referred to the coronavirus as the “Kung Flu.”

Kellyanne Conway, the adviser to President Trump, engaged in a tense exchange with the reporter after the claim.

“Tell us who it was,” Conway said, backing away from the microphone. “Weijia, come up here and tell us who it was.”

Conway said the media’s attempt to focus on these types of stories do little to help the American public in dealing with the outbreak.

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