Border Sheriff BLASTS Biden: Get off Beach and ‘Get in the Game’

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Citizens of Del Rio, Texas are demanding that President Biden do something to protect them from a massive mob of Covid-infected illegal aliens.

More than 14,000 illegals have turned parts of Del Rio into a makeshift refugee tent city — and there are grave fears that most of the illegals are infected with the China virus.

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“The administration has to pay attention. They can’t stay sitting on the bench. They need to get in the game,” Val Verde Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez told a local news organization.

The sheriff was especially concerned about the lack of medical testing – and warned that law enforcement officers were putting their lives in danger, not to mention the lives of their families.

“None of these people are tested for anything, for any kind of illness. There are no tests being done for COVID. That’s another thing that’s not even being considered. So you walk down in there, and by you all being up here, you’re not actually, you don’t get the true meaning of what it is like over there,” the sheriff said.

President Biden, who is on vacation at his multi-million dollar Delaware beach home, has not provided any plan to deal with the invasion. His only official action was to ban media companies from flying drones over the international bridge at Del Rio.

Dozens of law-abiding taxpayers lined the streets of Del Rio calling on Biden to do his job and protect the sovereignty of their city and county.

“I do feel sorry for these people, but we must STOP the unrestricted flow of people into our country. By any means necessary to protect our citizens. We must hold our government accountable,” one resident wrote on Facebook. “That is what the constitution is there for. To protect the people from the government.”

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