STARNES: Biden Reparations Plan Would Pay Illegal Alien Invaders More than American Soldiers


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The following is a transcript from Todd’s morning commentary, heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation.

Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next.

The Biden Administration is considering a plan to pay illegal aliens nearly $500,000.

The payout, to every illegal alien family separated at the border during the Trump Administration, would essentially turn those families into millionaires overnight.

The plan was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

According to their report, the massive payout would settle lawsuits filed by the ACLU and others on behalf of the illegals who violated President Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

In essence, this is a reparation – paid for by the hard-working taxpayers of our nation – middle class and lower middle-class families who are working paycheck-to-paycheck.

An entry-level Army private makes just over $20,000 a year.  Instead of giving that soldier a living wage, President Biden wants to reward criminals who have invaded our nation.

And you’d better believe our Southern border is about to be inundated with millions of illegals wanting their government reparation.

Think about the message it sends to the rest of the world.

Violate American sovereignty. Invade the United States of America and you too can become a millionaire. Paid for by the American working man.

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