Starnes: Is Obama Laying Groundwork to Dump Biden?

Does Joe Biden belong in the White House or a nursing home?

There are growing concerns across the nation about the mental capacity and cognitive abilities of President Biden. Watch my Newsmax monologue above.

Over the weekend President Trump held a town hall meeting in a black church in Detroit. The president field unscripted questions from regular folks. Afterwards – he brought down the house during a massive People’s Convention sponsored by Turning Point Action.

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While Trump was with the people – President Biden was hobnobbing with the rich and famous and botoxed in Hollywood. Sharing a stage with former President Obama. At times, Biden struggled to verbalize his thoughts. It was painful. 

Towards the end of the event Biden froze on stage – and President Obama had to literally grab him by the arm and escort him off the stage. This is the leader of the free world. 

And last week at the G7 summit – President Biden simply wandered away from other world leaders. It’s not clear if he was distracted by a squirrel or some other sort of woodland creature. The Italian prime minister rushed over and helped gently corral the president. Had it not been for her fast-thinking – the Secret Service would have had to issue a Silver Alert. 

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Very strange behavior. Getting lost on stage, sniffing small children and most recently nuzzling the forehead of Pope Francis. 

The White House Press Corps peppered Karine Jean Pierre with questions earlier today. And our very own James Rosen led the charge. She retorted that the videos were deep fakes.

But the reality is that all of the videos have been authenticated. There are no deepfakes. The videos are real. 

But if KJP wants to talk about deep fakes – what about the 13-second video the White House released that included 5 jump cuts – edit marks. They had to start and stop a 13 second video five times. 

The truth is that President Biden is NOT FINE. He’s an old man and he is not aging well. Even James Carville – the Redneck Rabblerouser – admitted that Biden should’ve called it a day.

President Ruth Bader Ginsburg – that’s how Mark Leibovich – the Atlantic columnist described Biden. 

The Daily Mail reports today exclusively that plans are afoot to possibly replace Biden after next week’s debate. Should Biden perform well – they will stay the course – but if he tries to strike up conversations with dead people or sniff Dana Bash’s hair – well all bets are off. 

But the broader issue is that as bad as Joe Biden is – Kamala Harris is even worse. And not even the most liberal Democrats believe she has any business being around the Oval Office. 

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker says the Democrats need to freshen up the ticket by dumping  Harris and replacing her with Hillary Clinton.

But Hillary is no spring chicken – 76 years old.

Parker writing:

“But for her defeat in 2016, we wouldn’t be stuck in this old-White men dilemma. She also remind people of her relative centrism, her support for Israel and her broadly respected role as secretary of state. 

That may be true, but the reality is that the Democrats would be stuck with an old-white woman – who left Americans behind in Benghazi. 

What is old is new again – while Democrats hemorrage young voters and minority voters and men. 2024 is shaping up to be a lost cause no matter what the Democrats do. Or to borrow a phrase from Secretary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

But one final thought about what happened at the Hollywood fundraiser. There has been tittletattle inside the Beltway for months now that Democrat leaders have been quietly suggesting that Biden pack up and head back to Delaware. But so far, those suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. 

Maybe – Obama was sending a coded message to the party when he shoved Biden off the stage.

Do you believe Democrats will dump Biden from the ticket?

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