Students Advised to Make Events Inclusive for Muslims, Obese People

The folks in charge of Georgia Tech’s student government have concocted a checklist to make sure student shin-digs are inclusive.

The Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee, yes – that’s really a thing, recently published an online guide to promote diversity and inclusion. Among their goals is to crack down on toxic masculinity and misusing pronouns.

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“We wanted to make students more intentional in ensuring that everyone feels welcome,” Barry Johnson-Smith told Georgia Tech News. “They’re simple guidelines, but we are not really taught about these things.”

For example — students were advised to avoid using chairs that are too small for overweight people. They also recommended that hosts provide a place for Muslims to pray.

The College Fix snagged a copy of the two-page check list — a road map to avoid triggering all sorts of microagressions among the perpetually offended crowd.

“Avoid hyper-masculinity: promoting or assuming a particular standard of manliness,” the list suggests. “Take your own privilege into account.”

So instead of scarfing nachos and watching the big game, guys are supposed to snack on kale chips and sing Broadway show tunes?

Turn in your man card, fellows.

I can only imagine the chatter around the punch bowl and the crock pot filled with cocktail weenies.

Clearly, party and event planning is going to be a challenge for the red-blooded, meat-eating men of Georgia Tech. It’s a mine field of microaggressions.

It might be wise to ditch the grill and serve cucumber sandwiches — maybe with a side of cottage cheese.

But whatever you do, don’t offer the Muslim kid a rack of ribs. That’s a no-no.

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