Ted Cruz Calls on America to Defeat Cultural Marxists

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is taking leftist institutions head on in his latest bestselling book, “Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America.”

The Texas Republican’s book “is a clear battle plan of practical steps we can take” to counteract the “radical left” which has “seized virtually every major institution in the United States,” he told The Todd Starnes Show.

“Chapter one starts with universities. I call universities the Wuhan Lab of the woke virus. It’s where the virus was invented. It’s where it mutated. It’s where it spread,” Cruz stated. “I do a deep dive on the corruption of today’s corporate journalists. From there it goes to government … to big business … to big tech … to entertainment, to Hollywood.”

“And the final chapter in the book is on China. And it explains how China is a central nexus intertwined with all of it,” he added, noting that every chapter offers steps to take particular institutions back.

Cruz said an underlying theme among the various industries called out in the book is “sunshine and transparency.” And parents play a role in standing up to the education industry, he said.

“When parents are informed and educated, we can start taking these institutions back.”

A former presidential candidate and author of multiple popular conservative books, Cruz told Starnes that he’s seeing victories across the country from parents who have realized “the garbage that is being taught to their kids.”

“They’re getting active, and they’re taking school boards back.”

Cruz believes the university and K-12 industry needs to be kept in check, especially as education leaders purposely brainwash and indoctrinate students, he told Starnes.

“The dumbing down of our education is not an accident. It was deliberate and it was by design.”

The Senator also blasted the far left for having a variety of “wildly unpopular” ideas.

“Rational, normal people don’t support abolishing the police … don’t support open borders and the chaos at our southern border … don’t think it’s a good idea to surgically sterilize and castrate little children.”

“Unwoke,” released last week, is an Amazon bestseller, “which has the New York Times absolutely ticked off,” Cruz noted.

It’s available for purchase through Amazon, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble.

Can America be saved from the Marxists?

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