The Day God Performed a Miracle at 30,000 Feet

The other evening I was on a flight back to New York City when I noticed the flight attendants seemed rather preoccupied. They were rushing up and down the aisle.

Soon an announcement was made – they needed a doctor – a passenger was in medical distress. She was having a heart attack at 30,000 feet.

It turned out there were five doctors on board the plane that evening – including a cardiologist.

The doctors needed some sort of way to monitor her vital signs. It just so happened there was a gentleman on board with an app on his iPhone that provided the necessary data.

A little while later,  the public address system crackled to life with another request – they needed an unusual heart medication.

Normally, I pack my heart medications in my checked baggage. But I had been running late for the flight so I just stuffed the meds in my carry-on bag. And it just so happened that I had the exact heart medication the doctors needed.

The plane was diverted to Baltimore and the ailing passenger was able to treated by paramedics. About 45 minutes later, we were en route to New York City.

And all of us on board that Delta jetliner were reminded that we serve a God who meets all of our needs – even at 30,000 feet.

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