Todd Starnes: Trust in God, Not the Mainstream Media’s Fear-mongering

The following is a transcript of my morning radio commentary:

Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next.

It turned out not to be such a wonderful day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood. Tom Hanks has coronavirus. And so does his wife.

That shocking revelation came in a flurry of breaking news headlines on Wednesday.

President Trump announced a temporary travel ban from European countries.

The NBA suspended its season. The U.S. Capitol building closed to visitors. Washington State announced a ban on large gatherings.

And at this very moment the National Guard is patrolling the streets of New Rochelle, New York. A one-mile radius quarantined in what the governor calls a “containment zone.”

There is great concern and unrest across the fruited plain fueled in large part by the Mainstream Media’s fear-mongering and their hatred of President Trump.

Normally in a time of stress and turmoil, many Americans find comfort and solace in their local church. However, many congregations have decided to shut their doors – instead offering services online.

So where do go to find reassurance and peace?

This morning I read a wonderful passage of scripture from the Gospel of John. These words of our Lord: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Be not afraid, America.

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