Transgender Military Veterans to Receive Chest Binders and Prosthetic “Private Parts”

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Transgender military veterans will soon have access to fake breasts and male sex organs along with other prosthetic devices, according to a VA bulletin obtained by the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

A disgusted military veteran sent us the jaw-dropping information — noting how the Veteran’s Administration is bending over backwards to accommodate men who identify as women and vice versa.

“We should be focused on teaching soldiers how to win wars, not how to put on chest binders and breast forms,” the veteran said.

The VA said they were committed to serving transgender veterans in a respectful and affirming manner. Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) collaborated with the LGBT Health Program, Office of Patient Care Services, to create policies related to specialized Prosthetic items for transgender Veterans.

“These approved items are medically necessary to decrease symptoms of Gender Dysphoria and improve quality of life for both male and female transgender Veterans,” the VA said.

Following are some of the items available to men who think they are female:

Wigs: PSAS can provide a wig for both transgender women and men if the Veteran has significant hair loss, and the medical provider documents the medical necessity of a wig to support the Veteran’s gender identity and treatment plan.

Veterans are not eligible for a wig if they have a full head of hair that can be cut and styled to support the appearance of their self-identified gender,” the VA said. “Wigs can be synthetic or of natural hair. Veterans may receive no more than one wig per year.”

Other items include:

  • Breast forms and bras: Even when receiving feminizing hormone therapy, transgender Veterans may not develop adequate breast tissue and may benefit from receiving breast forms and bras. This is a commonplace intervention for the comprehensive treatment of Gender Dysphoria and can increase the safety of transgender Veterans who are prone to discrimination and violence when not ‘passing’ as a genetic female. A transgender female Veteran is eligible for bras annually
    and breast forms every two years.
  • Gaffs: A gaff is a device that is commonly used by transgender women and gender non-conforming individuals to provide a flat genital contour. The gaff is used to compress and maintain support of male genitals in a safe and comfortable position. While the appearance of a gaff is similar to that of an undergarment, this is a medical device. Veterans generally require 7 gaffs to be dispensed at one time. With typical use, Veterans generally require up to 14 gaffs annually. If a Veteran wishes to sleep in their gaff, additional gaffs should be provided.
  • Vaginal dilators: This tube-shaped device is medically necessary in order to post-operatively maintain the integrity and depth of the neovagina formed during gender-affirming surgery (Please note the terms sex change surgery or sex reassignment surgery are no longer used). The surgeon, not the VA provider, is responsible for providing instructions regarding preferred dilators, insertion technique and dilation frequency.

As for gals who think they are guys:

Chest binders and surgical compression vests:

Chest binding is a commonly used practice of transgender men and gender non-conforming individuals. Snug chest binders are used to create a
male-appearing chest by compressing breast tissue against the body, thus providing a flatter chest contour. Many transgender male Veterans
cannot afford chest reconstruction surgery, often called top surgery, and binders can help ease symptoms of Gender Dysphoria.

While a chest binder may be used on a regular basis, a surgical compression vest is used short-term after surgery to reduce complications and aid in
healing. While the appearance of a chest binder or surgical compression vest is similar to that of an undergarment, this is a medical device.
Veterans are eligible for 3 chest binders. A maximum of 6 can be provided annually, with a 6-month evaluation and new consultation. For Veterans
who have had chest reconstruction surgery, PSAS may provide 3 surgical compression vests. Veterans should consult with their surgeons
regarding instructions for use of a post-surgical compression vest, as individual needs may vary.

Packers and STPs:

A packer is a penile prosthesis, held in place by specialized packing harnesses or packing underwear. Packers may take the form of a penis shape
or also include prosthetic scrotum and testicles. Packers can be important to transgender male Veterans because they help clothing hang and
move correctly and avoid clothing shape that is visibly “empty”. Commercially made packers often realistically copy the size, shape, color and
texture of male genitals. Please note that “soft packers” available through Prosthetics are not designed to be used for sexual penetration.

An STP (stand-to-pee) device is designed to help a transgender male Veteran inconspicuously urinate standing up. This can be essential for
maintaining safety while using a public restroom. STPs vary from a simple utilitarian style to others that are more realistic looking. With typical use,
Veterans generally require 2 packers and 2 STP devices per year. Veterans may also select a combination of 7 harnesses.

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