Trump Tells Southern Baptists They Can’t Vote For Anti-Religion Democrats

President Trump delivered a stern message to Southern Baptists gathered in Indianapolis for their annual meeting: stop voting for Democrats.

“You just can’t vote Democrat. They’re against religion. They’re against your religion in particular,” Trump said.

He delivered a stirring video at a gathering of the Danbury Institute.

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“Hello to everyone at the Danbury Institute and to all of the wonderful pastors and faith leaders, very respected people, gathered for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting,” Trump said.

“That’s a big deal,” Trump said of the Southern Baptist Convention. “I want to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous devotion to God and to country, and your tremendous support of me.”

“I hope I’ve earned it, because we’ve done things nobody thought were possible, and I’ve gotten it done,” Trump said.

“These are difficult times for our nation and your work is so important. We can’t afford to have anyone sitting on the sidelines. Now is the time for us to all pull together and to stand up for our values and for our freedoms. And you just can’t vote Democrat. They’re against religion. They’re against your religion in particular. You cannot vote for Democrats and you have to get out and vote.

“We have to defend religious liberty, free speech, innocent life and the heritage and tradition that built America into the greatest nation in the history of the world, but now as you know we are a declining nation. And I might add, we are a seriously declining nation. Seriously, seriously. It’s so sad. I know that each of you is protecting those values every day and I hope we’ll be defending them side-by-side for your next four years.

“These are going to be your years, because you’re going to make a comeback just about like no other group. I know what’s happening. I know where you’re coming from and where you’re going, and I’ll be with you, side-by-side.

“So, again, thank you once again for everything you do and you have to get out and vote. Our religious leaders have to get their incredible people that love them so much and respect them so much, have to get them out to vote. God bless you, and God bless America.”


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