Veterans Affairs Reverses Ban on V-J Day Kissing Photo

An iconic photograph that symbolized the joy of the nation on the day World War II ended has become the center of a culture war controversy.

Alfred Eisenstaedt snapped the photograph on August 14, 1945 – a sailor kissing a dental assistant in Times Square on V-J Day. The photograph has been prominently displayed in books and museums – and inside Veterans Affairs offices across the nation.

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But that photo has caused great consternation within the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. And last month orders were given to remove the image from offices.

They alleged the photo depicts a non-consensual act that is inconsistent with their policies towards sexual harassment and assault.

“This action reflects our dedication to creating a respectful and safe workplace and is in keeping with our broader efforts to promote a culture of inclusivity and awareness,” the VA wrote in a memorandum. 

The VA says they have a no-tolerance policy towards domestic violence and the photograph violates that policy.

The decision was made after “recent discussion” that involved the agency’s Assault and Harassment Prevention Office. 

“Perspectives on historical events and their representations evolve,” the memorandum read. “Recent discussions have highlighted concerns about the non-consensual nature of the kiss, prompting debates on consent and the appropriateness of celebrating such images in today’s environment, especially within institutions, such as VHA facilities, which are committed to upholding standards of creating a safe and respectful environment.”

In other words, Veterans Affairs compared the celebratory kiss to sexual assault. 

Does the V-J kissing photo represent a sexual assault?

“The Department of Justice’s current definition of sexual assault includes any non-consensual sexual act or any act where the victim cannot consent,” the memorandum read. 

They also said it’s important to foster a more trauma-informed environment that promotes psychological safety of all their employees.

“Employees have expressed discomfort with the display of this photograph, suggesting that its presence could be construed as a tacit endorsement of the inappropriate behavior it depicts,” the memorandum stated. 

The memorandum was sent to staffers last month. But once it became public, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs backtracked.

“Let me be clear: This image is not banned from VA facilities – and we will keep it in VA facilities,” Sec. Denis McDonough said in a X message.

Who were the employees who were triggered by the photograph? Communists? Pajama Boy Snowflakes with man buns? Purple-haired, plus-sized gals with man-hands? 

It’s unlikely that such an image will ever be replicated in woke America — where there’s no guarantee that dental assistants in high heels and a skirt are actually girls. 

So “V-J Day in Times Square” is getting the heave-ho and will be replaced with a “suitable” alternative. No doubt two gender non-conforming lesbians making out during a drag queen story time.

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