VIDEO: Mom Shows Off Woke Literature For Her White Male Baby To Help Him Not Be ‘Awful’

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In the latest edition of woke parenting, a video has gone viral on TikTok about a young mother looking to “educate” her baby. From an early age, the mother wants to instill ideas of “feminism” and “sexual consent” before the child has any ability to know what those concepts mean.

To start off the video, the mom points out her baby is a “while male” and then shows the audience the books she plans to use. Wokeness has been creeping its way into children’s books for years. A couple of these books include titles such as “C is For Consent” and “I Clean Like Daddy.” This second title teaches about how chores aren’t only for girls. The first one talks about giving consent with family and friends. One of the book even talks about a ladybug that loves to hug her friends, except there’s one friend that doesn’t like hugs (AKA doesn’t give consent for a hug).

For the mom, the end goal of reading these books to her son is to help him to grow up not to be “awful.”

Watch the viral video below: