Voters Prepare to Defund Public Library Over X-Rated Kids Books

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There’s a showdown at the public library in Dayton, Washington.

The town of about 4,000 people embroiled in a book controversy – one that other towns and cities are facing across the nation.

“These were all books ranging from board books to adult biographies, all of them on topics of gender, sexuality, and race,” library interim director Ellen Brigham told television station KEPR.

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A number of citizens had complained about pornographic books that had been made available for children.

The books covered a variety of LGBT issues. One book in particular detailed numerous graphic acts – a book meant for young teenagers.

“It doesn’t matter who it is. It’s that this topic isn’t appropriate for the age group that they’re pushing it to. And the fact that it’s not just one or two books but hundreds of books is what we have an issue with. It’s that they’re continuously buying more and more and pushing it downstairs on our children,” Jessica Ruffcorn told the television station.

She’s leading the charge to shut down the library over the library’s pornographic content.

“We do not trust their motives to move the books,” Ruffcorn wrote in an email to The Seattle Times. “Now it’s up to unincorporated Columbia County to decide what our community standards are, and whether our library is an asset or a drain on our community.”

But the library board decided to keep all of the books – a move that will have consequences.

Critics have generated enough signatures to get a ballot measure that would dissolve the library.

They say the issue is that the novels are still shelved in the young adult section. And highly sexualized books that are on display in the children’s section.

So in November, voters will decide whether they want their tax dollars used to fund what has now become an x-rated smut shop.

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