Washington Nationals Fire Two Coaches Who Refused to Get Vaxxed

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NEWSMAX: Two Washington Nationals staff members were fired by the professional baseball team Wednesday for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Breitbart.com.

The two former staff members, Larry Pardo and Brad Holman, have threatened to take their case to the federal government because the pair objected to the vaccine for religious reasons and are threatening a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A press release from Pardo and Holman and provided to Outkick.com stated: ”The Washington Nationals terminated the employment of Larry Pardo and Brad Holman effective September 15th 2021 because the two coaches refused to compromise their sincerely held religious beliefs. Larry and Brad are devoutly religious and refused to take the Covid vaccines as they are developed from and/or tested with aborted fetal cells.”

The release stated that the men followed the Nationals procedure and provided written explanations for not taking the vaccine for religious reasons. The Nationals apparently acknowledged receipt of the explanations, but fired the pair anyway.

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Pardo, a minor league pitching coach, and Holman, a pitching coordinator, have been tested for COVID up to three times per week since the start of the pandemic and have always followed the safety protocols laid out by the club, according to the release.  

According to Washington Post sports writer Jesse Dougherty, who covers the Nationals, the team gave employees until Sept. 15 to get vaccinated and if they did not, they would be fired.

Dougherty explained: ”On Sept. 1, the Nationals placed unvaccinated non-playing employees on unpaid leave for two weeks, giving them time to review exemption requests. If, in that time, those employees changed their mind about getting vaccinated, they could have remained with the club.”

Pardo and Holman said the Nationals’ denial of the right to claim religious exemption is, in their view, an infringement of federal law.

”They plan on fighting this outrageous decision by the Nationals in the federal courts,” the joint press release added. Continue reading on Newsmax.com.

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