WATCH: Black Man Calls Teens ‘Racist Crackers’ for Wearing Trump Hats

It was a trip to Washington, D.C., these teens won’t ever forget.

Shocking video emerged Tuesday that claimed to show a tense confrontation when a black man cursed at a group of white teens after apparently notcing that some in the group were wearing the famous Make America Great Again baseball caps.

The Sun reported that the incident occurred in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. The man in the video could be heard yelling, “Racist ass crackers, get the f— out of here.” He continued, “You have to be racist, or delusional or you’re stupid. Which one is it?”

The teen’s do not respond to the man’s berating. One could be seen holding a MAGA hat in his hand, apparently afraid to wear it. The paper reported that the video was first shared on Twitter by a user who wrote, “If your America loving teens wants to go on a youth trip to DC TODAY to visit the @WhiteHouse-this will happen to them.”

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Racial tensions in the country have been high in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody. Violent protesters have been on the march in major cities across the U.S., including in Washington, D.C.

Kira Prince, the mother of one of the teens, told the Washington Examiner that another individual grabbed some of the Trump hats from the teens and tossed them over a wall.


“For him to do that to a bunch of kids who are mostly minors, is just, it’s not something I’m sure he would want to be proud of,” she told the Examiner. “But it feels like we’re driven to this place where no one understands each other. And you don’t know how I live. I don’t know how you live. Instead of trying to make it better,” Prince said. “It’s just creating more of a divide and more of getting away from what America was founded on.”


The incident was not covered by mainstream news outlets. The woman who posted the video said that the teens “turned around and got right back on their tour bus.” She said they were from Las Vegas.


Another twitter user said, “In DC last summer and this exact same harassment while walking down the street was happening to three white interns in front of me. Guy kept telling to get out of his city and they would all be dead soon. It was jarring.”

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